Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
> "Michael G. Schwern" <schw...@pobox.com> writes:
> > +# Note: not certain why this is in use instead of die.  Probably because
> > +# the exit code of die is 255?  Doesn't appear to be used consistently.

Yes, 255 caused problems for the test suite:

commit d25c26e771fdf771f264dc85be348719886d354f
Author: Eric Wong <normalper...@yhbt.net>
Date:   Fri Nov 24 22:38:18 2006 -0800

    git-svn: exit with status 1 for test failures
    Some versions of the SVN libraries cause die() to exit with 255,
    and 40cf043389ef4cdf3e56e7c4268d6f302e387fa0 tightened up
    test_expect_failure to reject return values >128.

> > +sub fatal (@) { print STDERR "@_\n"; exit 1 }
> Very true.  Also I do not think the line-noise prototype buys us
> anything (other than making the code look mysterious to non Perl
> programmers); we are not emulating any Perl's builtin with this
> function, and I do not see a reason why we want to force list
> context to its arguments, either.  But removal of it is not part of
> this step anyway, so I wouldn't complain.

I think I just learned Perl prototypes around that time :x
We can certainly remove it later.

> > +my $can_compress;
> > +sub can_compress {
> > +    return $can_compress if defined $can_compress;
> > +
> > +    return $can_compress = eval { require Compress::Zlib; } ? 1 : 0;
> > +}
> The original said "eval { require Compress::Zlib; 1; }"; presumably,
> when require does succeed, the value inside is the "1;" that has to
> be at the end of Compress::Zlib, so the difference should not matter.

I just squashed in the simplification and made the indentation
consistent with other .pm files:

        return $can_compress = eval { require Compress::Zlib; };
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