Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> t91XX series seem to fail in 'pu' with "Can't locate Git/SVN.pm in
> @INC" for me.  I see perl/blib/lib/Git/SVN/ directory and files
> under it, but there is no perl/blib/lib/Git/SVN.pm installed.  I see
> Git/I18N.pm and Git/SVN/Ra.pm (and friends) mentioned in
> perl/perl.mak generated by MakeMaker, but Git/SVN.pm does not appear
> anywhere.
> I think it is some interaction with other topics, as the tip of
> ms/git-svn-pm topic that parks this series does not exhibit the
> symptom, but it is getting late for me already, so I won't dig into
> this further.

Actually there is no difference between ms/git-svn-pm and pu in perl/
directory. I _think_ there is some dependency missing that makes
this sequence break:

        (in one repository)
        git checkout pu ;# older pu without ms/git-svn-pm
        make ; make test

        (in another repository that shares the refs)
        git checkout pu
        git merge ms/git-svn-pm

        (in the first repository)
        git reset --hard ;# update the working tree
        make ; make test

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