Hi all,

When I should fixup or squash a commit, I nearly never
remember how to get the sha1 of the commit I want to fixup.
Because sometimes HEAD~n is not enough, I make `git log`,
copy the sha1 of the right commit and paste it in my git
fixup command. So I wrote a perl script to avoid the usage
of the mouse. And after discussion with some of my friends,
this can be generalized as a generic command line interface
tool to get a sha1.

The idea is to have a perl module which run through
the log history and print 10 shortlog associated with a number
from 0 to 9, and a message below "Select commit [| 0, 9 |] or
next row ?" or this kind of message with several options.

So I ask to the community if this module is interesting for git.
It can be integrated everywhere a sha1 is requested (git rebase,
git reset, ...). IMHO, it can be an enhancement.

So, what is your opinion? Should I make this script a perl module
and integrate it in git, or should I just keep it in my own script

Thanks for reading and answering,

Thomas "Enki" Badie 

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