Jan Engelhardt <jeng...@inai.de> writes:

> On Monday 2012-07-30 14:11, Thomas Badie wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>When I should fixup or squash a commit, I nearly never
>>remember how to get the sha1 of the commit I want to fixup.
>>Because sometimes HEAD~n is not enough, I make `git log`,
>>copy the sha1 of the right commit and paste it in my git
>>fixup command. So I wrote a perl script to avoid the usage
>>of the mouse.
> If you use screen(1), you can use the keyboard as well; it offers ^A [ 
> and ^A ] for copy, and then paste. tmux and all those screen clones 
> probably have something similar. Maybe ratpoison-like WMs do as well.
> Or, you can use `git log --oneline`, look for the commit and then
> type the (usually) 6-char part of the hash manually, which may be faster 
> than ^A[, moving the cursor to the copy position, marking it, etc.


        git show -s ':/^t1100-.*: Fix an interm'

would work well.  It your log messages are not descriptive enough,
however, that may not, but that is easily fixable by training you
and your colleages to give a more descriptive title to each commit,
which will make your project better.
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