2012/7/30 Jeff King <p...@peff.net>:
> On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 06:40:12PM +0200, Thomas Badie wrote:
>> I understand your opinion. My solution was a easier way to make your
>> proposition about `git log --oneline`, because I don't want to copy these
>> 6 numbers by hand. I'd prefer select the right line simply.
>> My solution is intended for people who just use git, and whatever their
>> environment (Unix, Windows...) because all is contained in git.
>> But I clearly agree that there is a lot of other solutions by using external
>> tools.  But IMHO, it is preferable that I just have to add a `-i' to a 
>> command
>> to make this choice simply, and not having to use my WM for this kind of 
>> task.
> I am pretty mouse-averse, and I find a nice solution to these sorts of
> interactive-selection problems is to use your editor. In its most basic
> form, something like:
>   git log --oneline >tmp
>   $EDITOR tmp ;# and delete everything you don't want
>   git cherry-pick `cat tmp`
> assuming you are proficient with your editor, finding the entry you want
> and deleting all of the unwanted lines should be just a few keystrokes.
> And you can simplify it with a script like this:
>   $ cat `which vpipe`
>   #!/bin/sh
>   trap 'rm -f $tmp' 0
>   tmp=`mktemp vpipe-XXXXXX` &&
>   cat >$tmp &&
>   ${EDITOR:-vi} $tmp </dev/tty >/dev/tty &&
>   cat $tmp
> which you can then use like:
>   git cherry-pick `git log | vpipe`
> I know that sort of thing is not for everyone (you have to really like
> your editor), but I thought I'd share in case it is useful.

For this case, I don't think I'll use it, but it shows how to use the editor
in a replacement of an interactive tool, and it is interesting. I'd change
vi for emacs but this is religious. I never though using my editor this way,
and maybe one day it will be useful.

Thanks for your answer.

Thomas Badie
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