"Michael G. Schwern" <schw...@pobox.com> wrote:
> There is one exception.  t9100-git-svn-basic.sh fails 11-13.  This appears
> to be due to a bug in SVN to do with symlinks.  Leave that for somebody
> else, this is the final submission in the series.

That's fine, a few failing tests is better than completely failing.

> The work was difficult because the code relies on simple string equalty
> when comparing URLs and paths.  Turning on canonicalization in one part
> of the code would cause another part to fail if it also did not
> canonicalize.  There's likely still issues.
> A better solution would be to have path and URL objects which overload
> the eq operator and automatically stringify canonicalized and escaped.

Perhaps we can depend on the URI.pm module?  It seems to be
widely-available and not be a significant barrier to installation.  On
the other hand, I don't know its history, either (especially since we're
now dealing with SVN changes...).

Anyways, I don't like relying on operator overloading, it makes code
harder to read and review.
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