On 2012.7.30 3:15 PM, Eric Wong wrote:
>> Right now, canonicalization is a bug generator.  Paths and URLs have to be in
>> the same form when they're compared.  This requires meticulous care on the
>> part of the coder and reviewer to check every comparison.  It scatters the
>> logic for proper comparison all over the code.  Redundant logic scattered
>> around the code is a Bad Thing.  It makes it more likely a coder will forget
>> the logic, or get it wrong, and a human reviewer must be far more vigilant.
> <snip>  I agree completely with canonicalization.

Sorry, I'm not sure what you're agreeing with.

>> The only downside is when chasing down a bug related to canonicalization one
>> might have to realize that eq is overloaded.
> Having to realize eq is overloaded is a huge downside to me.

Presumably you'd be reviewing the change which implements the overloaded
objects, so you'd know about it.  And it would be documented.

I've listed a bunch of concrete positives for using comparison overloaded
URI/path objects vs how it's currently being done.  How about you voice some
of the downsides in concrete terms?  Or an alternative that solves the current

Ahh email, my old friend.  Do you know that revenge is a dish that is best
served cold?  And it is very cold on the Internet!
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