Hi Thomas,

thanks for your review.

On Fri, Aug 3, 2012 at 10:59 AM, Thomas Rast <tr...@inf.ethz.ch> wrote:
> Ralf Thielow <ralf.thie...@gmail.com> writes:
>>  #: merge-recursive.c:497
>> -#, fuzzy
>>  msgid "diff setup failed"
>> -msgstr "diff_setup_done fehlgeschlagen"
>> +msgstr "Einrichtung der Optionen zur Bestimmung der Unterschiede "
>> +"fehlgeschlagen"
> That one is really unwieldy.  Judging from a cursory look at the code,
> it's an internal error anyway and should probably be "BUG:
> diff_setup_done failed" to begin with.

You're right. There are already places where the message is
"diff_setup_done failed"

#: builtin/checkout.c:320 builtin/diff.c:302 builtin/merge.c:408
msgid "diff_setup_done failed"
msgstr "diff_setup_done fehlgeschlagen"

We could just translate it in this way. It's not really the same message,
but the same meaning.

>>  #: merge-recursive.c:627
>>  msgid "merge-recursive: disk full?"
>> -msgstr ""
>> +msgstr "merge-recursive: Speicher voll?"
> Maybe "Festplatte voll?" to distinguish from RAM.

I agree. There is also another message (#: builtin/commit.c:1590)
translated in this way. I'll change it both. Thanks

>>  msgid ": perhaps a D/F conflict?"
>> -msgstr ""
>> +msgstr ": vielleicht ein D/F-Konflikt?"
> What's the terminology for conflicts in German?  For D/F, the user needs
> to know the English terms.  Not that V/D would be much better.  Maybe
> just spell it out.

Thanks. I'll spell it out but would leave the term "Konflikt"?!

>>  #: merge-recursive.c:726
>> -#, fuzzy, c-format
>> +#, c-format
>>  msgid "refusing to lose untracked file at '%s'"
>> -msgstr "Ungültiger Modus '%s' für unbeobachtete Dateien"
>> +msgstr "verweigere, da ungefolgte Dateien in '%s' verloren gehen
>> würden"
> Your glossary[1] says we call them "unbeobachtet"?

Oops. I'll change. Thanks

>>  #: merge-recursive.c:1038 merge-recursive.c:1052
>>  #, c-format
>> @@ -437,6 +435,8 @@ msgid ""
>>  "CONFLICT (%s/delete): %s deleted in %s and %s in %s. Version %s of %s left 
>> "
>>  "in tree."
>>  msgstr ""
>> +"KONFLIKT (%s/delete): %s gelöscht in %s und %s in %s. Stand %s von %s 
>> wurde "
>> +"im Arbeitsbereich gelassen."
> This needs de-legoification on the first and fourth %s, which can be
> rename/renamed or modify/modified.  Furthermore, in line with the D/F
> above, perhaps you should translate "delete"?  But I see that you have
> not translated "renamed" etc. below, either.  Was that on purpose?  It
> will read a bit odd as
>   KONFLIKT (rename/delete): foo gelöscht in bar und renamed in quux. Stand ...

Gah, I misunderstood the values of the placeholders. The reason why I haven't
translate "delete" or "rename" is because they're part of the
"KONFLIKT (%s/delete)"
messages, aren't they? Translate it all would solve the problem. Thanks

>>  #: merge-recursive.c:1832
>>  #, c-format
>>  msgid "merging of trees %s and %s failed"
>> -msgstr ""
>> +msgstr "zusammenführen der Bäume %s und %s fehlgeschlagen"
> Capital Z?

Would indeed be nicer, thanks.

>>  #: merge-recursive.c:1862
>>  #, c-format
>>  msgid "Unprocessed path??? %s"
>> -msgstr ""
>> +msgstr " unverarbeiteter Pfad??? %s"
> Stray space at the beginning.

I'll fix.

>>  #: merge-recursive.c:1918
>>  #, c-format
>>  msgid "found %u common ancestor(s):"
>> -msgstr ""
>> +msgstr "%u gemeinsame Vorgänger gefunden"
> "ancestor(s)" is not listed in the glossary.  I'd personally pick
> "Vorfahren" but I'm probably bikeshedding.

"Vorfahre(n)" sounds indeed a bit nicer. I'll change it and
update the glossary.

>> +"Wenn du das Problem aufgelöst hast, führe \"git rebase --continue\" aus.\n"
> Not what you are actually changing, but "resolve" (a merge conflict) is
> not in the glossary.  For me
>   Wenn du das Problem _gelöst_ hast...
> sounds nicer.  "aufgelöst" sounds like "resolve a domain name" or such.


>>  msgid "fatal: no such branch: $branch_name"
>> -msgstr ""
>> +msgstr "fatal: kein solcher Zweig: $branch_name"
> kein Zweig $branch_name gefunden?

what about "Zweig $branch_name nicht gefunden"?

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