Eric Wong wrote:


> A few minor comments inline...
> Please ensure all error messages and code are readable in
> 80-column terminals.
> Also, keep opening "{" on the same line as the if/unless.
> Backticks don't nest properly, nowadays, we prefer:
>       N=$(expr $N + 1)
>> +            cp auto_updated_file auto_updated_file_saved
> Need "&&" to check for failure on cp
>> +            sed -i 1d auto_updated_file && git commit -am "commit change 
>> $N.3" &&
> I don't believe "sed -i" is portable enough for this test.

Many thanks for the comments! I've fixed all of the above and will send
updated patch in next e-mail. Please let me know if you have any further

>> +            echo "PATH=\"$PATH\"; export PATH" >> $hook
>> +            echo "svnconf=\"$svnconf\"" >> $hook
>> +            cat >> "$hook" <<- 'EOF2'
>> +                    cd work-auto-commits.svn
>> +                    svn up --config-dir "$svnconf"
> That doesn't seem to interact well with users who depend on
> svn_cmd pointing to something non-standard.  Not sure
> what to do about it, though....

I have no idea how to change it either. I've tried to source the file inside the hook, but it sources, and the
latter script doesn't work well if it is sourced by non-test script.
Anyway I the part of my original patch unchanged.

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