Robert Luberda <> writes:

> Eric Wong wrote:
> Hi,
>> Junio C Hamano <> wrote:
>>> I should have asked this yesterday, but do you mean you want to have
>>> your "maint" in the upcoming 1.7.12?  This does look like a useful
>>> thing to do, but does not seem like a regression fix to me.
>> Yeah, I wasn't sure what to name it since my master is still carrying
>> Michael's larger SVN 1.7 changes.   Perhaps I should've named my "maint"
>> "for-git-master" in this case...
> While working on my next patch, I've accidentally discovered that bash gives
> the following errors in the test file introduced in my commit :
> ./ line 65: $hook: ambiguous redirect
> ./ line 66: $hook: ambiguous redirect

Thanks.  It is this one (especially the latter half "Note that")
in the Documentation/CodingGuidelines.

 - Redirection operators should be written with space before, but no
   space after them.  In other words, write 'echo test >"$file"'
   instead of 'echo test> $file' or 'echo test > $file'.  Note that
   even though it is not required by POSIX to double-quote the
   redirection target in a variable (as shown above), our code does so
   because some versions of bash issue a warning without the quotes.

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