Eric Wong <> writes:

> Robert Luberda <> wrote:
>> Eric Wong wrote:
>> >> +         echo "PATH=\"$PATH\"; export PATH" >> $hook
>> >> +         echo "svnconf=\"$svnconf\"" >> $hook
>> >> +         cat >> "$hook" <<- 'EOF2'
>> >> +                 cd work-auto-commits.svn
>> >> +                 svn up --config-dir "$svnconf"
>> > 
>> > That doesn't seem to interact well with users who depend on
>> > svn_cmd pointing to something non-standard.  Not sure
>> > what to do about it, though....
>> I have no idea how to change it either. I've tried to source the
>> file inside the hook, but it sources, and the
>> latter script doesn't work well if it is sourced by non-test script.
>> Anyway I the part of my original patch unchanged.
> Ah, so svn_cmd only cares about --config-dir and you already handled
> that :)   I misremembered it also allowed for non-standard SVN
> installations :x
> I've pushed your updated patch to my "maint" branch on
> git:// since "master" has larger pending changes.

I should have asked this yesterday, but do you mean you want to have
your "maint" in the upcoming 1.7.12?  This does look like a useful
thing to do, but does not seem like a regression fix to me.

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