Jeff King <> writes:

> The check-docs target looks at Documentation/git*txt and
> complains if any entry does not have a matching command.
> Therefore we need to explicitly ignore any entries which are
> not meant to describe a command (like gitattributes.txt).
> This list has grown stale over time, so let's bring it up to
> date.
> Signed-off-by: Jeff King <>
> ---
> I really wonder if we would do better to match git-*.txt, since most of
> the ignores are gitfoo(7) types of pages. We'd probably want to add back
> in "git", "gitweb" and "gitk" explicitly, but they are already handled
> specially above and below.

Quite possibly, yes.

Also "git gitk gitweb" may want to be made into a Makefile variable
to be shared in the "above" and "below" (I do not know what to call
them offhand---they are programs with special build rules that are
not covered by ALL/SCRIPT_LIB/BUILTIN).

By the way, do we have a documentation for git-gui?  Perhaps it may
want to be added to that "git gitk gitweb" list as a reminder that
it lacks documentation.  One of the goals of the person who runs
"make check-docs" should be to reduce the special case that appears
at the beginning of that case statement.

I also wonder why "help" is not treated as a built-in?  Perhaps we
should throw it in to "git gitk gitweb" list?  After all, it is a
command that is available in "git foo" form, is documented, and is
listed in the command-list.txt file.

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