Jeff King <> writes:

> The current code tries to get a list of documented commands
> by doing "ls Documentation/git*txt" and culling a bunch of
> special cases from the result. Looking for "git-*.txt" would
> be more accurate, but would miss a few commands like
> "gitweb" and "gitk".
> Fortunately, Documentation/Makefile already knows what this
> list is, so we can just ask it. Annoyingly, we still have to
> post-process its output a little, since make will print
> extra cruft like "GIT-VERSION-FILE is up to date" to stdout.

Yeah, traditional way to do this is to give special markers around
what you want your Makefile to tell you, e.g.

                echo "@@@ $(FOO) ###"
                $(MAKE) sayit | \
                sed -ne 's/^@@@ \(.*\) ###$/\1/p' | \
                ... use it ...

but in this case we know we want "*.txt", so the way you filtered
the output is sufficient.

> Now that our list is accurate, we can remove all of the ugly
> special-cases.
> Signed-off-by: Jeff King <>
> ---
>  Documentation/Makefile |  3 +++
>  Makefile               | 26 ++------------------------

Yay, maintainability comes with a large line reduction bonus ;-)

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