From: "Junio C Hamano" <>
"Philip Oakley" <> writes:

One issue I notice a few weeks ago is that `git help --all` does not
list all of the available git help pages, rather it just limits itself
to the available command pages.

This means that new users can't discover those additional help pages
in any easy manner.

That would be a problem _only_ if these "additional help pages" are
of importance for new users.  I do not think things that come from
Documentation/technical and ARTICLES (in Documentation/Makefile)
qualify as such.

I'd generally agree with that. I wasn't aware of ARTICLES (in Documentation/Makefile), so that's something to I'll need to look at.

I'd be perfectly happy as long as all documents are reachable from
git.html in html-fied documentation (the man pages have equivalent
cross references, I think).

That is generally the tack I was looking of taking. Part of the task is making sure the 'right' pages are found from the 'right' places. So that, for the beginner needing help (git help --all), even the 'everyday git in 20 commands' and 'User manual' would be listed in the available guides section.


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