René Scharfe <> writes:

>> PKZIP APPNOTE seems to be the zip standard and it specifies a utf-8
>> flag:
>>> A.  Local file header:
>>> general purpose bit flag: (2 bytes)
>>> Bit 11: Language encoding flag (EFS).  If this bit is
>>> set, the filename and comment fields for this file
>>> must be encoded using UTF-8. (see APPENDIX D)
> Yes, that's one of the two methods for supporting UTF-8 filenames
> described there.
> The other method involves writing extra ZIP header fields and was
> invented by Info-ZIP. They don't use it consistently anymore, though
> (from zip -h2):
>  "Zip now stores UTF-8 in entry path and comment fields on systems
>   where UTF-8 char set is default, such as most modern Unix, and
>   and on other systems in new extra fields with escaped versions in
>   entry path and comment fields for backward compatibility."

Thanks; so if we adopt one of these methods, the readers that matter
will be happy?  And if so, which one?  Or both?
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