On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 06:22:26PM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> > "git config --system receive.denynonfastforwards true" is not honored.
> >  At all.  (And I checked there was nothing overriding it).
> >
> > "--global" does work (is honored).
> >
> > Tested on 1.7.11
> Thanks, and interesting.
> Does anybody recall if this is something we did on purpose?  After
> eyeballing the callchain starting from cmd_receive_pack() down to
> receive_pack_config(), nothing obvious jumps at me.

No, I do not think it was on purpose. And it would be very hard to do
so, anyway; config callbacks are not given any information about the
source of the config variable, and cannot distinguish between repo,
global, and system-level config variables.

> Could this be caused by a chrooted environment not having
> /etc/gitconfig (now I am just speculating)?

That seems far more likely to me. Another possibility is that the file
is not readable by the user running receive-pack.

> A quick "strace -f -o /tmp/tr git push ../neigh" seems to indicate
> that at least access() is called on "/etc/gitconfig" as I expect,
> which makes me think that near the beginning of git_config_early(),
> we would read from /etc/gitconfig if the file existed (I do not
> install any distro "git", so there is no /etc/gitconfig on my box).

I just did a few quick tests both across local repos and across an ssh
session. receive.denynonfastforwards worked just fine in my
/etc/gitconfig in both cases. So the likely cause would be that git
cannot access that file for some reason (chroot or permissions).

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