Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy wrote:

> The runtime cost should be small. "gcc -O2" inlines _() and
> use_gettext_poison(). But even if it does not, performance should not
> be impacted as _() calls are usually not on critical path. If some of
> them are, we better fix there as gettext() may or may not be cheap
> anyway.

That seems reasonable to me.  The increase in code size of a commonly
inlined function and the extra "if" in a common if not
performance-critical codepath is annoying (and I'd prefer to keep
use_gettext_poison() un-inlined), but in any event the cost would go
away once the translation-based implementation of poison lands.

>  I don't know the story behind this compile-time switch. The series [1]
>  that introduces it does not say much.

I think it was just paranoia about performance regressions.

>  This at least makes it easier for me to run poison tests instead of
>  building another binary, if I remember it. Next step could be make
>  "make test" run both normal and poison modes, but I'm not sure how to
>  do it nicely yet.

Yes, that would be nice (or perhaps a mode to run most tests in
the current locale and rerun test assertions that use a test_i18n*
helper or C_LOCALE_OUTPUT prerequisite in the C locale).

Hope that helps,
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