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> What is the status of libgit2 WRT the overall git project?  I recall
> that there was some discussion of basing bits of git on libgit2 once it
> matures.
> I ask because I'm starting a project to improve the abysmal speed of
> git-subtree split.  It's unbearably slow at the moment and as far as I
> can puzzle out it's due almost entirely to repeated subshell invocations
> to run git commands.
> I was planning on doing some experiments rewriting bits of git-subtree
> using libgit2 but I want to make sure that that isn't wasted work.  It
> appears to be exactly what I need to code bits of git-subtree natively.
> Thoughts?

libgit2 is now maintained by Vicent Marti, who was once a gsoc student.
He's employed by github and seems to spend most of his time working on

Politically, I'm not sure how keen the git community is on handing
over control to the core stuff of git to a commercial entity, but it
doesn't seem to be a dying project, so I'd say go ahead and do it.

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