Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> And the last one should really be a "longer term" item.  It is more
> important for its codebase to get mature and robust, and that can
> only happen by various projects and products (e.g. GitHub for Mac)
> using it to improve it.  I do not think "subtree" (or anything in
> contrib/ for that matter) is part of "the core stuff of git", and do
> not see a problem; such a move may help both subtree and libgit2.
> Over a much longer timeperiod, I wouldn't be surprised if some "core
> stuff" gets reimplemented on top of libgit2 and distributed as part
> of the git-core.

I am hoping to move git-subtree into core once it performs a little
better and I've fixed a couple of bugs.  Will basing it on libgit2 delay
that process significantly?  Six months delay is no problem.  2 years
would be problematic.

I would be happy to be a guinea pig for libgit2 in order to improve it,
but I don't want to significantly impact git-subtree's move to core.
I'll have to figure out the right balance there given feedback.

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