Marco Stornelli <> writes:

> Il 01/09/2012 15:59, Johannes Sixt ha scritto:
>> Look how you write:
>>    perl -e '... $ENV{'PATCHTMP'} ...'
>> That is, perl actually sees this script:
>>    ... $ENV{PATCHTMP} ...
>> (no quotes around PATCHTMP). That my be perfectly valid perl, but is not
>> what you intended.
> I don't understand what you mean when you say "is not what you
> intended"...

When you wrote this:

    CCS=`perl -e 'local $/=undef; open FILE, $ENV{'PATCHTMP'};...

which one of the following did you mean to feed Perl?

 (1) open FILE, $ENV{'PATCHTMP'};
 (2) open FILE, $ENV{PATCHTMP};

The patch text makes it look as if you wanted to do (1), but what is
fed to perl is (2), as Johannes points out.


    CCS=`perl -e 'local $/=undef; open FILE, $ENV{PATCHTMP};...

would have been more natural if you really meant to do (2), don't
you think?  So what you wrote is at least misleading.

But I think I agree with Johannes's rewrite of the loop, so this may
be a moot point.
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