Marco Stornelli <> writes:

> I don't have thunderbird now but actually it's really simple:
> Subject:
> To:
> Cc:
> $SEP

The above is not a very useful "example" to advance this discussion,
I have to say.  For one, where is your Oggetto?  Are these fields
the only ones you will ever see?  Are they always empty?

I would expect, at least when you are responding to an existing
message, some of them are filled already (and if so, I think
wants to know exactly how, for example, has RFC2047 quoting already
applied, or are we supposed to write in UTF-8 and let Thunderbird
massage the contents when we give the file back to it?), and also
there would appear In-Reply-To: field already filled (possibly there
may be References: as well).

And if you are replying to an existing message and Thunderbird fills
To: or Cc: fields based on the ongoing discussion, I wonder if it is
a mistake to override that based on anything from what we read from
format-patch output in the first place.
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