Dan Johnson <computerdr...@gmail.com> writes:

> I was thinking about this earlier. I wondered if it might even be
> worth it just to CC the authors of all topics whose status has changed
> since the last what's cooking, to make sure that they see updates
> pertinent to them. I know that I at least have filters which catch
> emails which CC me and promote them to my inbox, so I would see them
> more readily.

I've done that a few times per release cycle, usually before we go
into the pre-release freeze, but doing so manually is very time
consuming.  It's the kind of bureaucratic overhead I'd rather avoid.
If somebody volunteers to write a script that takes something like

    git diff whats-cooking.txt

in a checkout of the 'todo' branch and figure out whom to Cc, and do
so reliably, it may be an option.

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