On 09/13/2012 12:49 AM, Philip Oakley wrote:
> My comment, as a simple reader, is that I misread the order of the 
> items, in that I miss-associate the description paragraph with the * 
> title _below_. That is, I see the description first and then read on...
> Thinking about it, if the description paragraph was indented by one 
> space then the * title  would create that obvious content indent that (I 
> am) would be expected.

+1.  When I started reading the "What's cooking", I found it hard to
tell/remember whether text comments apply to the list of patches above
them or below them.  If you don't want to make bigger changes to the
format, then even an extra blank line between the section about each
patch series would remove the ambiguity.

Otherwise, I think that "What's cooking" emails are a great service that
you provide to the community.  They help mitigate the inconvenience of
using emails rather than pull requests for exchanging and managing
patches :-)


Michael Haggerty
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