From: "Jens Lehmann" <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 8:21 PM
Am 11.09.2012 21:41, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
Thanks.  I wish all others paid attention to "What's cooking" like
you did here.

And if it is hard to do so for whatever reason, suggest a better way
for me to publish "What's cooking" or an equivalent (I am interested
in finding the least bureaucratic way to help people and keep the
balls rolling).

I think "What's cooking" makes lots of sense in its current form
as one gets a very good overview over current development tracks.

Maybe in addition it would be nice to email the author(s) of a
series when the state changes or new comments are added (and to
only include the relevant part from "What's cooking" there). For
me it's not a big problem as I just have to grep for "submodule"
to get the bits I care about, but I suspect others might have to
invest much more time to check the current state of their series
and may appreciate being mailed directly when something happens.

My comment, as a simple reader, is that I misread the order of the items, in that I miss-associate the description paragraph with the * title _below_. That is, I see the description first and then read on...

Thinking about it, if the description paragraph was indented by one space then the * title would create that obvious content indent that (I am) would be expected.

Obviously only a useful suggestion if it's easy to implement...

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