Thanks for the feedback; new patch inbound.  Minor nits:

>> diff --git a/Documentation/gitcore-tutorial.txt 
>> b/Documentation/gitcore-tutorial.txt
>> index f7815e9..92f97e6 100644
>> --- a/Documentation/gitcore-tutorial.txt
>> +++ b/Documentation/gitcore-tutorial.txt
>> @@ -956,7 +956,7 @@ $ git show-branch --topo-order --more=1 master mybranch
>>  ------------------------------------------------
>>  The first two lines indicate that it is showing the two branches
>> -and the first line of the commit log message from their
>> +and the first paragraph of the commit log message from their
>>  top-of-the-tree commits, you are currently on `master` branch
>>  (notice the asterisk `\*` character), and the first column for
>>  the later output lines is used to show commits contained in the
> Ditto.

I did not substantially alter this. The emphasis of this section
is on the broader show-branch output, and belaboring the subject would
be distracting and unnecessary imho.


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