Jeremy White <> writes:

>>> I did not substantially alter this. The emphasis of this section
>>> is on the broader show-branch output, and belaboring the subject would
>>> be distracting and unnecessary imho.
>> Yeah, but if that is the focus of this part of the documentation,
>> wouldn't a patch to update "the first line" with something more
>> generic like "title of the commit" be more appropriate?
> See my patch; I went with 'first part'.  That, I think, does not
> mislead (the goal of my change), but also does not distract from
> the main point of the section (detailing the various bits of
> git show-branch).

For that kind of casual wording, we have used "title" on this list
for quite a long time, I think.  So I'd rather see a change that
just says "title" (if we are making such a change to the
documentation, that is).  This is not a very strong preference,

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