I must have missed something reading through the documentation for this.  git 

$ git check-attr -a -- autorepair.d/AR02_new_rttest.sh
autorepair.d/AR02_new_rttest.sh: ident: set
autorepair.d/AR02_new_rttest.sh: export-subst: set

  echo "0..$_expected_tests"
  diag 'Script Version: $Id: 1ca40f8395ea361cc07d2ec1a2961c3df749dc3c $'
  diag 'By: $Format:%cn$ $Format:%ce$'
  diag 'At: $Format:%cD$'

I also believe that the documentation could try and better explain under what 
conditions "$Id" will be processed, it doesn't seam to happen on commit and 
even after a checkout this is not updated.  It does seam to update during a 
pull and that's basically all I need.


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