Mestnik, Michael J - Eagan, MN - Contractor venit, vidit, dixit
14.09.2012 14:20:
> I must have missed something reading through the documentation for this.  git 
> version
> $ git check-attr -a -- autorepair.d/
> autorepair.d/ ident: set
> autorepair.d/ export-subst: set
>   echo "0..$_expected_tests"
>   diag 'Script Version: $Id: 1ca40f8395ea361cc07d2ec1a2961c3df749dc3c $'
>   diag 'By: $Format:%cn$ $Format:%ce$'
>   diag 'At: $Format:%cD$'

'$Format:' is processed when creating an archive. It's mentioned with
export-subst only under the heading "create archive". So, that is as
described, I think.

> I also believe that the documentation could try and better explain under what 
> conditions "$Id" will be processed, it doesn't seam to happen on commit and 
> even after a checkout this is not updated.  It does seam to update during a 
> pull and that's basically all I need.

"git replaces $Id$... upon checkout.  Any byte sequence that begins with
$Id: and ends with $ in the worktree file is replaced with $Id$ upon

Now, the there are two problems after you add $Id$ and check-in (commit):

- commit does not check out, i.e. your work-tree copy is not updated
with expanded $Id$
- Not even "git checkout thatFile" updates your work-tree copy.

The first one could be considered OK, but at least the second one seems
to be a bug. Together they create the following problem: Say, you've
corrected that problem (rm that file and checkout) and then update your
file, add and commit. It will keeping having the old (now wrong) Id

We should do something about this.

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