Am 9/14/2012 17:27, schrieb Mestnik, Michael J - Eagan, MN - Contractor:
>> -----Original Message----- From: Johannes Sixt
>> If EOL conversion or a clean filter was applied during 'git add
>> file', is the version in the worktree suddenly wrong? Of course,
>> not.
>> I would place $Id$ treatment in the same ball park and declare it as
>> a mistake of the editor that it did not remove the now "wrong" SHA1
>> from $Id:$.
> I think the difference here is that git does not *currently change the
> OS's LEF.  In this case each commit alters the Id and git is the one
> altering the Id.

Maybe you misunderstood $Id$? The value you get there is the blob's SHA1,
not the commit's. That is, it does not change on every commit, but only
when the file changes.

You are right that the value itself is something that is dictated by git's
database model, but the change logically happens when the editor modifies
the file.

(My contribution to this thread should be regarded as food for thought.
Personally, I don't mind whether or not and when $Id$ is updated.)

-- Hannes
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