"Philip Oakley" <philipoak...@iee.org> writes:

> "Typically it will be placed in a MUA’s drafts folder, edited to add
> timely commentary that should not go in the changelog after the three
> dashes, and then sent as a message whose body, in our example, starts
> with "arch/arm config files were…". On the receiving end, readers can
> save interesting patches in a UNIX mailbox and apply them with
> git-am(1)."
> hides a multitude of implicit knowledge steps. Is there an extended
> description of what that would mean from a platform independent
> viewpoint? e.g. if the patches are separte files and an mbox is one
> consolidated file, how to get from one to the other so that 'it' can be
> sent by 'git send-mail'.

If you plan to use "git send-email" to send the final results out,
you should consider "git send-email" as your "MUA" in the quoted
paragraph.  And that will be very platform independent viewpoint to
see things from.

"git format-patch -o my-series/ --cover-letter ..."  would treat
"my-series/" directory as "MUA's drafts folder" and prepares the
messages you would want to send out, and you can proof-read and edit
the files in there before telling your "MUA" to send them out, with
"git send-email ... my-series/*.patch" or something.

> I'm also missing an understanding of the preparation stage where one
> tries to tidy up the various commit messages becaue they weren't
> explicit, specfic nor concise enough,...

Many people usually do "rebase -i" until perfection and then a
single final invocation of "format-patch".  Of course, the "final"
can and should further be proof-read and it is fine to do typofixes
in the format-patch output files without going back to the commits
before sending them out.

> ...so I suspect that there is an
> implicit `git format-patch` <-> `git am` loop of sharpening the mbox
> patches before submission to the list that I'm missing. Has this 
> described somewhere?
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