Jeff King <> writes:

> But even without that, I still think format-patch is a reasonable time
> to do it. It is the time when I proof-read my commit message and patch
> in its final form, and think "do I really want to send this?".

But it is not like "I cannot sign off because I think it is still

> seems to me like a reasonable time to make such a conscious decision to
> signoff (or not).
>> But your point still stands; "commit -s" will not see through that
>> official trick either ;-).
> Yes. :)

Actually, no.  "commit -s" does not have any need to see through it.

        ... hack hack hack ...
        $ git commit -a -s
        ... editor opens, you see your Sign-off at the end, with
        ... the cursor sitting on the first line
        ... edit the title, move to the line below the Sign-off,
        ... and do the "---\n\n * comment" thing.

And this survives "rebase -i" (but not "format-patch | am" for
obvious reasons).

So I take it back.  The time you do the "git commit" for the very
first time for this change that may need to be rerolled number of
times is the right time to say "-s".
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