On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 05:36:35PM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> > But note that using "format-patch -s" will break; it puts the sign-off
> > below the "---".
> I think "format-patch -s" is a workflow mistake in the first place.
> You should be doing the sign-off the commit when you commit in the
> first place.  It is not like "I cannot sign off because I think it
> is still iffy" or anything.

It is mostly "I do not signoff because typing '-s' each time I commit is
a pain". I know it is supposed to be a conscious decision, but I think
it is a little silly. Since everything I do for git.git is going to be
signed-off, either I will automate it, or I will end up typing it
without thinking.  Whenever I make a conscious decision, it is to
_withhold_ signoff, since that is the exceptional case.

But even without that, I still think format-patch is a reasonable time
to do it. It is the time when I proof-read my commit message and patch
in its final form, and think "do I really want to send this?". That
seems to me like a reasonable time to make such a conscious decision to
signoff (or not).

> But your point still stands; "commit -s" will not see through that
> official trick either ;-).

Yes. :)

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