On Monday, September 17, 2012 17:49:39 Junio C Hamano wrote:
> "Philip Oakley" <philipoak...@iee.org> writes:
> > I then applied it (using git am) to a temp branch to see what it
> > produced, and could repeat the cycle until the patches looked right.
> That's another obvious and valid way to prepare your series.  It all
> depends on how comfortable you are to directly edit patches.  Some
> people fear it.  Some don't.  Some can do it with their eyes closed ;-).
> > However, when it came to creating the series, with comments, I
> > couldn't see a way of having my comments within my local commits, but
> > preparing a patch series that would properly include the '---'
> > separator.
> An unofficial trick that works is to write the
>     ---
>      * This is an additional comment
> yourself when running "git commit".  That will be propagated to the
> output from format-patch.  You will have another "---" in front of
> the diffstat, but nobody is hurt by that.

One thing I have done is to add the additional comments I want with "git 
notes", then give the "--notes" option to format-patch or send-email.

Unfortunately, this sticks the notes right into the commit message section, 
because the "--notes" option is actually a diff option, not something 
format-patch knows about, so you have to make sure to manually move it.

But even so, I've found it a a nice way to track comments.
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