On Sunday 2012-09-23 17:04, Ralf Thielow wrote:
>> Original:
>> ... and I wonder if you are in the middle of another rebase.
>> German git translation:
>> ... und es wäre verwunderlich, wenn ein Neuaufbau bereits im Gange ist.
>We try to avoid translating terms like "I wonder if.." and similar as
>"ich wundere mich", because it's very unusual in German messages
>of computer programs.

Even "I wonder if" is unusual, since programs normally don't have
any personality.

>Translators should have the freedom to reword
>terms a bit to make a more optimal translation, but the meaning must
>not be lost, and I can't say that this is the case.
>Translate the term "in the middle of"  word-by-word would result in
>"in der Mitte eines", which can be interpreted as a place somewhere
>or that an action is in progress. To avoid a possible confusion, we
>decided to translate this term as "im Gange sein" ("be in progress") in
>the whole translation. I also think that "in der Mitte einer Zusammenführung
>sein" doesn't sound really good. It tends to mean a place, not an action.

Why not just write
    ...und es scheint, dass gerade ein Rebase durchgeführt wird.

>> Original:
>> I am stopping in case you still have something valuable there.
>> German git translation:
>> Es wird angehalten, falls bereits etwas Nützliches vorhanden ist.
>> I wanted to point out that "etwas Nützliches" is more "something useful" that
>> "something valuable". But the more I thought about it, the more it started to

In fact, "still" is not "bereits" but "noch". Do I smell somebody
fed this through an automatic translation program?

Maybe I should dig up the (real) original .po files and see what
I wrote there.
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