On Sun, Sep 23, 2012 at 5:41 PM, Sascha Cunz <sascha...@babbelbox.org> wrote:
> Exactly. The meaning is more important then the exact wording. Please consider
> this:
>         Es wurden Neuaufbau- / Zusammenführungs-Informationen gefunden.

We can't change the "... Verzeichnis *rebase-merge* ..." part of the message,
because "rebase-merge" is a substitution and we have to use all of them.

>         Falls ein Neuaufbau bereits im Gange ist, versuche bitte:
>                 git rebase (--continue | --abort | --skip)
>         Sollte dies nicht der Fall sein, können die Informationen durch
>                 rm -fr "$(GIT_DIR)/rebase-merge"
>         entfernt werden. Es wird angehalten, falls etwas Schützenswertes
>         gefunden werden sollte.
> It sounds way cleaner (to me at least) and transports all of the meaning. Esp.
> for  the last sentence, it's very hard to find something in German that
> doesn't sound 'destructive'.

Not sure why you change "vorhanden ist" to "gefunden werden sollte".
Maybe we should use a combination? See below.

> Btw: In the past I've seen quite a few topics on translation on this list - is
> this at all the right place for that kind of discussion?

Different translation teams use different places for discussions.
The German uses this list.

Like this, maybe.

[PATCH] l10n: de.po: improve translation of a rebase message

The word "still" was translated as "bereits", change
it to "noch". "valuable" was translated as "nützlich"
which is more like "useful" than "valuable", change it
to "schützenswert".

Noticed-by: Sascha Cunz <sascha...@babbelbox.org>
Signed-off-by: Ralf Thielow <ralf.thie...@gmail.com>

diff --git a/po/de.po b/po/de.po
index 2739bc0..7fc0185 100644
--- a/po/de.po
+++ b/po/de.po
@@ -5756,8 +5756,8 @@ msgstr ""
 "Wenn das nicht der Fall ist, probiere bitte\n"
-"und führe dieses Kommando nochmal aus. Es wird angehalten, falls bereits\n"
-"etwas Nützliches vorhanden ist."
+"und führe dieses Kommando nochmal aus. Es wird angehalten, falls noch\n"
+"etwas Schützenswertes vorhanden ist."

 #: git-rebase.sh:395
 #, sh-format
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