From: "Angelo Borsotti" <>
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2012 11:09 PM

A reasonable solution. You can also create a sentinel (--root) commit
any time that you need to create the source branch, just so it (the
source code commit) has a different parent when on source branch to
that on
the binaries branch.

Do you mean I could create an empty root commit to be used as parent
for the
real source commit? Or that there is some --root option to be used?

I was using "--root" in a colloquial way. It is used in some other
commands when the very first commit is to be included in its operation.

At the point where you do the 'git checkout --orphan  <new_branch>
<start_point>' you could have separate start points ready for the source
branch and the binaries branch, and immediately do a 'git commit' to
create the unique sentinel commit before you re-checkout the developers
latest and greatest (with --force), and then do your commits on the source branch as before.

Another technique could be to simply switch to the sources branch, and then use a 'git clean -x' with an updated .gitignore ('reset' the file from the source branch)[or use the exclude file] to remove those now ignored binaries, before doing the commit.


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