Hi Phil,

> Another technique could be to simply switch to the sources branch, and then
> use a 'git clean -x' with an updated .gitignore ('reset' the file from the
> source branch)[or use the exclude file] to remove those now ignored
> binaries, before doing the commit.

Actually, the first time I make a git checkout --orphan to create the
branch, and the following times a git symbolic-ref HEAD to switch to
it. Then I set a proper exclude file and do a list=`git ls-files -c -i
--exclude-standard` to get the paths of the files to remove from the
index. Then I remove them with git rm --cached. Then all is ready to
make a git commit. At this point I restore the HEAD and the index as
they were before.
This allows me to keep the work tree pristine, no files removed or
loaded in it from the repo,
which makes the script quite fast.

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