From: "Andrew Ardill" <>
On 5 October 2012 07:20, Marco Craveiro <> wrote:
Similar but not quite; the idea is that you know that there is some
code (I'm just talking about files here, so lets ignore hunks for the
moment) which is normally checked in but for a period of time you want
it ignored. So you don't want it git ignored but at the same time you
don't want to see these files in the list of modified files.

What is the reason git ignore is no good in this case? Is it simply
that you can't see the ignored files in git status, or is it that
adding and removing entries to .gitignore is too cumbersome? If it's
the latter you could probably put together a simple shell wrapper to
automate the task, as otherwise it seems like git ignore does what you

IIUC the files are already tracked, and a variant of ' git update-index --assume-unchanged' is being requested, so that the command doesn't need to be repeated if they checkuout / swap branches (which assumes I've understood the effect of such an index change correctly)


Andrew Ardill

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