<git update-index --assume-unchanged>
> From the help page:
> --assume-unchanged, --no-assume-unchanged
>     ...
>     This option can be also used as a coarse file-level mechanism to
> ignore uncommitted changes in tracked files (akin to what .gitignore
>     does for untracked files).
> Seems like it does everything required. I tested and it correctly
> hides changes that I want hidden. The only thing I can't see how to do
> is get git status to show files with the assume unchanged  bit set. I
> think there is no way currently, but that might be a nice addition to
> make the initial request feature complete. It could show either all
> files with the bit set, or files with the bit set that have been
> changed (or this could be configurable).

This is indeed the solution outlined in [4] on my original post:


The presence in git status is quite important or else one has to
change the regular workflow with a second status command.


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