Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen <> writes:

> On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 3:46 PM, Philippe Vaucher
> <> wrote:
>> > On the git-users mailing list we're trying someone to help with
>> > running `git push` over FTP.  That person is runnig Git
>> > on Ubuntu 12.04.
>> I don't think vanilla git supports pushing over ftp.
> At least according to the documentation[1], "Git natively supports [...] ftp".
> This could need some clarification if pushing over ftp is not supported.

The commit 5ce4f4e (Documentation/urls: Rewrite to accomodate
<transport>::<address>, 2010-04-06) that came from

was supposed to be just a clarification of the document, but it
added ftp to the list without justification.  Its earlier round is

and it did not mention ftp; I wonder why we missed this addition
during the review process.

The ftp transport might have worked for fetching in the distant past
for "dumb and slow" commit walking fetches, but it was never
supposed to work with any kind of pushes as far as I know.  I
wouldn't be surprised if the dumb and slow commit walking fetch no
longer works with ftp.
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