Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:

> I see.  Will we remove ftp[s] support too?  I hope this is in order.

I don't see why that would be desirable, as long as libcurl continues
to support it for free.

> Fetching and pushing over rsync, and fetching over ftp or ftps are
> deprecated, and will soon be removed.  Add a note saying this.

I thought the real rationale was to avoid creating the illusion of
supporting push over ftp.  Having a paper trail to comfort people who
notice when rsync support vanishes is just an added bonus.

> @@ -31,6 +29,11 @@ syntaxes may be used:
>  - /path/to/repo.git/
>  - file:///path/to/repo.git/
> + Git also has (less efficient) support for fetching and pushing over
> + rsync protocol and fetching over ftp or ftps, using the same
> + "protocol://host/path/to/repo.git/" syntax.  However, these are
> + deprecated, and will soon be removed.

I'd suggest dropping ", and will soon be removed." or replacing it
with ". Don't use them." to avoid the question of how soon "soon" is.

With that change and with a clearer commit message, this will probably
be good to go imho.

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