Lars Schneider <> writes:

>     ... then I am always super
>     eager to send out a new roll just because I don't want any other reviewer
>     to waste time on obviously wrong patches. However, I have the impression
>     that frequent re-rolls are frowned upon.

Correct.  A good middle-ground is to just reply with "Yes, thanks
for your suggestion, will fix in the next round", while receiving
review comments.  Good reviewers who value their time will not to
waste their time by responding on a point that has already been
pointed out and acknowledged.

> 4.) Reviewing patches is super hard for me because my email client does not
>     support patch color highlighting and I can't easily expand context or 
> look at
>     the history of code touched by the patch (e.g via git blame). I tried to 
> setup
>     Alpine but I wasn't happy with the interface either. I like patches with 
> a GitHub
>     URL for review but then I need to find the right line in the original 
> email to
>     write a comment.

Unless a patch is about an area you are super familiar with so that
you know what is beyond the context of the patch to be able to judge
if the change is good in the context of the file being touched, it
is always hard to review from inside a mail reader.

Running "git am" is a good first step to review such a patch, as
that lets you view the resulting code with the full power of Git.
As you gain experience on the codebase, you'll be able to spot more
problems while in your mail reader.
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