Michael Haggerty venit, vidit, dixit 09.08.2016 01:20:
> Given that I work for GitHub, I'm uncomfortable doing any more advocacy
> here. If people have concrete questions, I'd be happy to answer them, on
> the list or in private.

You're doing a great job differentiating between your roles as a member
of the Git devel community and as a GitHub employee, so please keep the
discussion here.

Maybe two more points of input for the discussion:

off-line capabilities

The current workflow here seems to work best when you are subscribed to
the git-ml and have your own (local, maybe selective) copy of git-ml in
your (text-based) MUA (mutt, (al)pine, emacs, ...) that can jump right
into git-am and such directly. I'm not sure how important the "off-line"
aspect of that is for some of us, and how that could be replicated on
GitHub - while PRs and such may be Git based behind the scenes there
seems to be no way to clone that info and work from a local clone.
(Don't know if GitLab is more open.)

My own setup

My usual MUA is Thunderbird because of its integration with calendars
and address books. I usually read and post to mailing lists via
nntp/gmane, that works best for me for several reasons (e.g. archive
available when I need it).

For git-ml, I had to learn early on to answer by e-mail to git-ml rather
than by nntp-reply because proper nntp-replies somehow didn't meet the
expectations of the e-mail users (double copies because of the cc-policy
or such, I don't remember).

I use git sendemail even for small throw-in patches because the git-ml
does not allow attachments but wants patches (files) as in-line text,
and Thunderbird possibly reformats text (because it's text, you know).

When I want to try out a proposed patch I have to "save message" and run
git-am because patches don't come as file attachments on the git-ml
(can't use "save/open attachment"+ git-apply) nor a PR (can't use git
fetch nor view in browser). If it's a series, I have to do that for each
invididual patch, which usually means I simply don't (or rely on Junio
doing it and fetch his xy/topic branch).

And more often than not, patches from series do not appear in sequence,
not threaded on top of the cover letter (in the gmane nntp version of
git-ml), and it usually happens for the same people again and again,
which tells me it's a git sendemail config issue and not gmane.

So really, everytime I interact with the git-ml I think about switching
to mutt or such just for git-ml, even though over time I have gotten
used to the number of hoops that I have to jump through if I want to
interact with git-ml.


Maybe the current gmane woes are a good reason to try out something
different for a month or two, with copies to the git-ml, and with the
default being to revert back to git-ml after that and discuss what we've
learned. As a result we may improve our workflow here, get GitHub to
improve, and maybe switch or not. Either way we could profit from that.

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