Hi Richard,

On Fri, 5 Aug 2016, Richard Ipsum wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 04, 2016 at 09:42:18AM -0700, Stefan Beller wrote:
> > On Thu, Aug 4, 2016 at 8:58 AM, Johannes Schindelin
> > <johannes.schinde...@gmx.de> wrote:
> > >
> > >> If we were to change our workflows drastically, I'd propose to go a
> > >> way[1] similar to notedb in Gerrit, or git-series,
> > >
> > > Gerrit is a huge, non-distributed system. Complex, too. If we change
> > > the patch submission process, we should make things *easier*, not
> > > *harder*. So I think Gerrit is pretty much out of the question.
> > 
> > I did not propose to use Gerrit or git-series or git appraise.
> > 
> > However whenever I see these projects talking to each other, the talk
> > focuses on a "unified review storage format" pretty often, which would
> > make them compatible with each other. So then I could choose
> > git-series, while you could go with git appraise (although that is
> > written in go, so maybe too fancy already ;) Or there could be another
> > new program written in C that follows the "review format".
> This "unified review storage format" really does seem to be the missing
> piece.

FWIW I do not think so. The real trick will be to come up with an
improvement to the process that lets Junio and Peff continue to work as
before, because It Works For Them, while at the same time letting other
people (such as myself) use easy-to-configure tools that add substantial

Which, to me, means that the missing piece is a clever idea how to
integrate with the mail-based process, without requiring everybody and her
dog to switch to a specific mail client.

> The tool I've been working on for the past year (git-candidate) was
> initially aimed at contrib[1], and was written in perl solely to satisfy
> contrib rules. It would have been python otherwise.


$ git ls-files contrib/\*.py | wc -l

And for that matter:

$ git ls-files contrib/\*.go | wc -l

In fact, there are even PHP scripts:

$ git ls-files contrib | sed -n 's/.*\.//p' | sort | grep -v '.....' |
        uniq | tr '\n' ' '
bash c el Git go perl php pl pm py rst sh tcsh txt zsh

But again, I do not think that it makes sense to focus too much on a
language, or on a file format, before we came up with a strategy how to
*not* require everybody to change their current ways.

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