On Tue, Aug 09, 2016 at 10:17:22AM +0100, Richard Ipsum wrote:

> > In the very unlikely event that github is shut down, how do we get all
> > review comments out of it, assuming that we will use pull requests for
> > review?
> For what it's worth this is exactly why I think it would be worthwhile for git
> to establish a common review format, services like Github/Gitlab could then
> start storing reviews and comments in the git repo rather than in a separate
> sql database.

I doubt that the "rather than" part will ever happen. Git does not make
a very good database, and certainly not when you want to do things that
cut across repositories (like, say, efficiently get all review comments
made by one user).

It would be nice to have a common interchange format, though. In theory
that could feed into (and out of) a more efficient representation on the
backend of the site. It doesn't _have_ to be git-based, but it would be
nice if it was.

Somebody asked elsewhere "what happens if GitHub goes away?". And the
answer is that you can already get all of that data out in a
programmatic way, via the API. But since there's no common interchange
format, you'd be stuck writing a conversion to whatever format your new
destination uses.

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