Hi Michael,

On Tue, 9 Aug 2016, Michael Haggerty wrote:

> On 08/04/2016 05:58 PM, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> > [...]
> > Even requiring every contributor to register with GitHub would be too
> > much of a limitation, I would wager.
> > [...]
> Is it *really* so insane to consider moving collaboration on the Git
> project to GitHub or some other similar platform?

Speaking for myself, I do prefer GitHub's UI to mail, by a lot. Not only
because it is more focused on the code, but because it integrates so
nicely with Git, which email distinctly does not.

So I personally would not have the least bit of a problem to switch to
GitHub (that's indeed what Git for Windows did, getting substantially more
contributions than we would otherwise have).

And of course I use the email notifications quite a bit. They are really
convenient: I get my updates via my mail program, still, and the
discussion I want to participate in is just one click away.

The reason why I stated that GitHub is out of the question is that I
expected resistance against it. But you are right: I should not have ruled
it out so categorically, it is not at all my call to make.

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