Jeff King <> writes:

> So assuming everything I just said isn't complete bollocks, I think we
> can move to a future where nobody uses the compaction heuristic. And
> there are three ways to deal with that:
>   1. The knob and feature stay. It might be useful for somebody who
>      wants to experiment in the future.
>   2. The knob and feature go away completely. It was an experiment, but
>      now we have something more useful.
>   3. The feature goes away, but the knob stays as noop, or maybe as an
>      alias for the indent heuristic, just because we did ship a version
>      that accepts "--compaction-heuristic", and maybe somebody somewhere
>      put it in a script?
> I think I'd be in favor of (2).

I am all for (2) [*1*]

This and the previous "take a blank line as a hint" are both
heuristics.  As long as the resulting code does not tax runtime
performance visibly and improves the resulting output 99% of the
time, there is no reason to leave end-users a knob.  "Among 9 hunks
in this patch that touch hello.c, 7 are made much more readable but
2 are worse" cannot even be helped with a command line option.


*1* I am also strongly against (3), if only to teach people a
    lesson ;-).
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