> Is there a case where the compaction heuristic produces a better result
> than this indent heuristic? AFAICT, you have not found one, and I'd be
> surprised if there is one, because this _seems_ like a superset
> generally. I suppose there is always the possibility that the empirical
> knobs behave badly in some particular case that the compaction heuristic
> just happens to get right, but it should be quite rare.

This is how I understand it as well. I would not mind to remove the
blank-line-suggested-split heuristic.

Maybe we can enable Michaels heuristic with the same
config/command line flag, i.e. "the flag changes its algorithm"?
Then people, who read the prior announcement don't have to
do anything, while we keep it as an experimental feature for the
next release and auto-on it after that?

We could also be a bit more aggressive and auto-on the new
heuristic with the old heuristic removed and we only have an
(undocumented) emergency-off knob for one or two releases?

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