Jeff King <> wrote:
> I collected the message-ids from my archive. Interestingly, I had a
> dozen or so that did not have message-ids at all. I think most of them
> are from patches that put the "From " line in the body, like this one:
> and then they got corrupted on a round-trip through one of the bad mbox
> formats (probably downloading from gmane, I'd guess; the export there
> uses mbox, and I use maildir myself, so it probably got split badly
> years ago). Anyway, public-inbox seems to get this case right, which is
> good.

Yes, I was somewhat careful to check for proper mboxes from gmane;
I just missed entire ranges :x

What's also interesting about the thread you highlighed is the
extra '<>' when you started that thread; and I have a bug where
I strip off an extra '>' which needs to be fixed...

I wonder if I should make "editorial" changes to fixup user bugs,
but then there's also bunch of messages which are replies to <y>
because git-send-email had usability problems back in the day...

> I had several hundred message ids that you didn't. About half of them
> were spam or other junk. I weeded them out manually (mostly by picking
> through the subjects, so possibly there's some error). The end result is
> 279 messages that I think are legitimate that you don't have.
> I'll send them to you off-list, as the mbox is about 300K, which the
> list will reject.

Thanks, should all be imported.

The one which started the thread belonging to
<> was really iffy,
but I kept it; as well as an "unsubscribe" one; I guess those
people are shamed for life :)

  git cat-file blob HEAD:b7/5bb577d76487bc9aebf0656d4e03eff22049f4

is totally legit, but doesn't seem to show up properly,
so there's another bug I need to fix.  For the moment, the
following also works:
(but I guess it was reposted as <26299.4828321554$>
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