On Sun, Aug 14, 2016 at 02:12:34AM +0000, Eric Wong wrote:

> Eric Wong <e...@80x24.org> wrote:
> > Thanks, should all be imported.
> Oops, missed one which was missing X-Mailing-List (causing
> it to not get imported) and had "X-No-Archive: yes" set;
> which meant I couldn't get it from gmane this year.
> Hmm... XNAY defeats the point of public-inbox (and probably the
> point of public-to-all mailing lists); so I don't think it's
> worth honoring.

I didn't even think to look for that header. It looks like it's
basically all one guy. I would argue that it should not be honored for
the git dev list, if only because those emails are a record of the
provenance of patches. The Signed-off-by is a certification that the
patch is OK to submit, but it's presumably worth more with an audit
trail including the email headers.

(Also, I have always found it a little silly to post publicly with a
"please don't anybody record this!" header).

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